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Part 1 of 2 – Morningstar Ministries – A. A. Allen, A. A. Allens Granddaughter, Rick Joyner

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  1. gsong123 Said,

    Obviously you …
    Obviously you haven’t done your home work on Joyner. If you have…. then I feel sorry for you because he is one of the most blatantly false teachers out there. Nothing in his church is Biblical..sure they mention jesus sometimes and even pack a Bible, but the church is built on mystical expierience. Jesus was speaking to his chosen when he warned do not be deceived! He is saying right now at the beggining of the not deceived!

  2. gsong123 Said,

    Well they had the …
    Well they had the conference but what happened to the revival? America is sliding into the abyss it’s never been more Godless than it is right now. These false prophets always tell of revival but it hasn’t happened yet. My bible say’s there will be a great falling away.

  3. RevJae Said,

    I hear your sight.. …
    I hear your sight… however what I seen was nothing out of line of Jesus Christs messages… Most are nervous when people cast out demons from souls, and heal the sick… Does that not what the bible instruct us to do? Focus your attention to 1st Cor 12 instead of looking for anti-christs

  4. gsong123 Said,

    I’m sorry you have …
    I’m sorry you have fallen for one of the biggest cult ‘s going today! Rick Joyner is a false teacher false prophet and he has no respect for Gods word what so ever. Just because he uses the name of Jesus it doesn’t mean he’s not a deceiver. In order to follow this guy you have to throw your bible out the window…if you like Joyner and Bentley you’ll love the anti-christ!

  5. RevJae Said,

    Thank you morning …
    Thank you morning ministries for your proud boldness in God, in Jesus name you all display!
    I cant wait to return to another event you establish! Much Love! All of you!

  6. 911elijah Said,

    I wonder if they …
    I wonder if they honored Paul Cain at this conference.

  7. kellirene65 Said,

    Sorry, but those …
    Sorry, but those people were not blind and did not receive sight. I do believe in healings, but these were clearly fake.

  8. kellirene65 Said,

    One of the enemies …
    One of the enemies tricks, in an effort to confuse and deceive, is to take kernals of truth from the bible so that the message sounds legitimate. Then he throws in his own intentions and lies to lure many in.

    One way to know the true word of God is when the ministry speaks of ‘repentance’ of sin and to follow God’s laws. These are the only legitimate ministries.

    Jesus taught us that if we love him we will keep God’s commands. He never said to do away with them. He said to love the Father.

  9. hottunasandwich Said,

    I really think we …
    I really think we should all be so bowled over by what CHRIST has done for us HIS grace and mercy that we will not only apply this to each other … but also be thankful remembering where HE is brought us from … which is ussually the depths of despair … and desperation … and darkness … do u honor the signpost to NY city or just thank GOD that its there ?

  10. hottunasandwich Said,

    yeh real fake huh ! …
    yeh real fake huh !! i actually believe it to be real .. but what i dont like is honoring ego trippin americans … when the glory should go to GOD … none of them got nailed … for my sins !!

  11. tspencley3 Said,

    i wouldn’t be …
    i wouldn’t be surprised if rick joyner tries to summon the spirits and raise a.a. allen from the dead. of course in jesus name gotta add that it sounds good. rick joyer is so far outside scripture he has his own religion.

  12. tspencley3 Said,

    a.a. allen is just …
    a.a. allen is just another false healer that rick joyner worships. after a.a. died from a drinking binge, (he also reportedly stole money from the offerings) after a.a. allen died his side kick took over the ministry, don stewart. yes don stewart the guy on late night tv offering you a green prosperity handerchief. when will people wake up. its sad some nonbelievers can spot a fake before some believers.

  13. Cwhzup13 Said,

    Oh yeah, it was all …
    Oh yeah, it was all a setup, right? If you believe that then I have some beachfront property in Missouri that I’d really love to sell you. I’ll even give you a dicount.

  14. randyrayclark Said,

    Only someone who …
    Only someone who didn’t know revival history, the history of the great 1948 healing revival or was deeply prejudiced against the continuation of the gift of healing in the church today would believe Allen was a fake. A wounded healer, yes. A poorly educated man, yes. A simple man, yes. A man who had problems, yes. But, a fake, NO. I have studied his life, and met the man who today is a pastor of a large church whose father was considered by Allen to be his pastor who has told me about him.

  15. rc300xs Said,

    AA Allen was a fake.
    AA Allen was a fake.

  16. Yunginspirit Said,


    Okay.. …

    Okay.. AAAllen is the deceased Minister who used to heal and “rock” the crowds. Thanks.

  17. SaudaraLink Said,

    A.A. Allen, the man …
    A.A. Allen, the man the video talks about.

  18. Yunginspirit Said,


    Who are …

    Who are you talking about? Who’s Allen?

  19. glorygathering Said,

    Thank-you for …
    Thank-you for posting this.

  20. anthfantastic Said,

    jesus is the same …
    jesus is the same yesterday today and tomorro so what you are seeking is proof that those days can be these days.

  21. SaudaraLink Said,

    I’d like to see the …
    I’d like to see the proof of Allen being set up at his death. There was supposedly an anonymous letter from the coroner at his death. Was there any solid evidence of the coroner’s confession before the coroner hung himself?

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